In the resources section, you will find documents, submissions, general and event information about the Yarra Riverkeeper Association as well as upcoming events and information for the Yarra Atlas.

Publications and reports contain: 

  • Submissions that the Yarra Riverkeeper has made for a specific cause or development. 
  • Newsletters sent from the Yarra Riverkeeper Association 
  • Reports from seminars and other events 
  • General information for our readers 
  • Infographics and relevant data

Our events and media section will contain: 

  • Invitations to seminars, clean-up events, talks, AGM
  • Promotion of partner events
  • Reminders for upcoming events
  • News articles for the Yarra Riverkeeper Association 
  • News about changes and announcements within the organisation
  • Relevant articles and news for the users of the Atlas