Vision, Mission & Objectives



Our vision is an atlas that grows people’s understanding of the Yarra catchment. It helps show how all the elements of the watershed interact to create the complex multi-layered natural, social, political and economic environ that is the Yarra catchment. Our understanding of how the basin and tributaries of the Yarra connect with the river and its green corridor is expanded through the atlas. The atlas treats the catchment as one single, dynamic, integrated entity, both natural and human. It is a secure database that keeps data safe and accessible to the general public as well as researchers, government agencies and community groups. The changes in the Yarra over time are recorded and therefore remembered. The atlas will help keep everybody accountable for the health of the Yarra. The community and community groups can tap into the site and use the atlas as a tool for speaking out on behalf of the Yarra. An atlas is a crucial tool in keeping ‘Our Yarra Healthy, Protected and Loved’.


The mission of the Yarra Catchment Authority is to create, enhance, store and map spatial data in a way that expands the community’s understanding of the Yarra River and its catchment to delivered a healthy protected and loved Yarra. 


  • Grow the community’s understanding of the Yarra and its catchment.
  • Help the community understand the issues faced by the Yarra.
  • Be a repository of information about the catchment.
  • Assist in linking different sorts of data and information 
  • Provide a tool for schools and tertiary institutions to study and learn about the Yarra.
  • To encourage research about the Yarra River. 
  • To promote the possibilities.